Brenton at Black Sheep Coaching

Brenton at Black Sheep Coaching

About me

Exploration, change and growth have been keys to my life – driven by a need to do things useful for others, as well as to find myself, my purpose and my meaning. These have not been random activities – well, not mostly – but have involved frequent changes in direction, motivated strongly by my restless need to learn, experience and to grow.

While I chose consciously to go out into the world (rather than lead an academic or contemplative life, e.g.), I have always needed  to balance this with my deep spiritual longing – for truth, meaning and purpose. Tricky, since the outer world does not deal with these very well, and did not offer me a ready guide or education to assist me!

I have travelled to many countries, living in the USA for 11 years, as well as in seven of Australia’s nine major state and territories. I enjoy engaging with different cultures, different people, different places and experiencing humanity’s and Earth’s incredible variety. All have been grist for my mill of mind, feelings and consciousness.

I worked for over 40 years in professional service roles  – in welfare, health, aged care, hospice, Aboriginal services and rural and remote telecommunications.  I have had many different roles, from case worker and counselor, through human managing services to business, policy and strategic development in government and in private enterprise.  At the same time, I have followed a spiritual path for my own growth and understanding, successively through meditation, Mahayana Buddhism, and Maitreya Buddhism and Theosophy.

Along the way, I have investigated many philosophies, religions, beliefs and practices.  I am a bit of a student in that way – researching and exploring philosophies and cultures that have interested me.  Most importantly for me, I found a natural affinity with Buddha’s teachings, including the Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, and a myriad of teachings and perspectives in the Buddhist tradition. I have combined these with a broader western theosophical perspective that is more focused on the esoteric substructure of the world in which we live and act, and have our being – and how we humans are inextricably connected with its nature and its evolutionary unfoldment.  This has lead me to learning to heal with energies, conduct Earth healing, lead retreats and teach on a variety of spiritual subjects. All of these activities have expanded my awe and appreciation of the world and how people learn to navigate it (for better or worse) through the orientation of their consciousness.

In the past ten years in particular, my life-long interest and practice in psychology and philosophy, combined with my spiritual learning and practices, have focused me increasingly on consciousness itself.  How might we become more aware, more conscious, so as to change the world into a kinder and more loving place?  How can I work more deeply with people (and myself!) to release their deeper, restrictive unconscious?  To help them (and me) open our hearts? How are we to understand, respond to, and handle the incredible times of change in humanity and planet Earth in the 21st century?

Through my own life and practice, I have found there is no end to the flow and growth of our own consciousness. In pursuing and going with it, we can grow our awareness and let go of our unproductive out-dated beliefs and feelings.  We can connect with our higher self, understanding and individual purpose, giving us the strength, knowledge and direction to live productively on Earth.

To assist people to undertake this growth, I am training in Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy, which approaches the unconscious through mindfulness, study, and integration.  I have found this beneficial personally and for others, as it is gentle, harmless and filled with loving acceptance for the hidden parts of us of which we are barely aware. These are the parts we need to understand and integrate in order to grow and open our personalities to a higher understanding of our life.  It is a wonderfully effective tool in my kit of helpful things for my one-to-one coaching, which has continued to develop over the past 40 or so years.

My Values & Approach

I combine my skills in mentoring, counseling, healing and psychotherapy in coaching people to identify and explore their concerns, their issues and options; to heal and to find well-being, health and purpose in their lives. To clear their emotional debris and baggage that is weighing them down in life, and preventing their clear attainment of joy, purpose and fulfilment.

I don’t subscribe to the widely-held view that your emotional and mental challenges are disorders or illnesses – or should be labelled and boxed away, explained away or drugged up. This medical and psychological model is out-of-date, and while providing effective treatments in some restricted circumstances, does not allow for the full blossoming of each soul’s physical personality expression.

Rather, I see your challenges, your deeper responses to life, as strategies that you have developed to handle emotional aspects of life, particularly experiences that may have involved pain, trauma or lack of support or love. These strategies became patterns or beliefs that may now stand in your way from getting what you need and want, and from following your deepest held passions.

As a coach, my skills are at your disposal to work on whatever you feel needs healing, accepting, changing in yourself.  I will suggest, but not tell you what you can do to change, to grow, to release yourself from your unconscious.  I believe you know what to heal, but may not be aware of it always, or find it hard to keep focused on it.

However, you have an in-built drive to heal.  It is an organic part of our human constitution. Connecting with that drive, gently allowing it to have its way, clearing blocks and barriers, will bring you back to yourself, your core, your meaning and purpose in life.  It is a natural process – one that needs encouragement, support and nurturing, preferably from someone able to guide you and coach you compassionately in your becoming more aware. This is what I know to be my mission, an expression of my purpose in this life.

My Professional Education

I have studied psychology and philosophy [BA, Adelaide University], and social work, social policy and management [BSocAdmin, Flinders University], marketing and public policy [Melbourne U] and executive business management [UNSW].

I have practiced Udâna Healing with the Seven Rays for over 30 years, having been taught and guided by my second spiritual teacher, who also awakened me to my true being and gave me a sense of how I might express that in the world.

I have trained in Theta (or DNA) Healing (2003), coaching (2002) and Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy (2015-17).

I am a professional member of the Australian Association of Social Workers [AASW], and abide by its ethical standards of practice.