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Brenton at Black Sheep Coaching

Brenton at Black Sheep Coaching

I assist people who want to work out personal issues, change something difficult in their life, and grow into their strengths.

I like to work with black sheep – those of us who do not fit the mold that society has made for us, or has tried to fit us into.

In my service to you, I bring compassion, understanding and expertise from my life’s journey, and from my extensive and varied professional experience – in social work, counseling, healing, psychotherapy, and managing my own consulting business.

I work with you to clarify your goals, to clear your barriers to a purposeful life, and to take action to get where you want to go.

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Are you . . .

  • upset by personal feelings, beliefs or behaviours you cannot control?
  • feeling upset with what’s happening and need to make a change in your life?
  • at a crossroad, having difficulty making a major decision?

To change your situation, I help you explore your feelings and beliefs, expand your choices, and help you figure out what you can do.

When in the midst of it all, it is hard for you to see these things clearly, and help from someone else can make it easier.

I will help you with my full and unbiased support to explore, clear and move ahead to meet your goals.

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Are you . . .

  • feeling out of place, sad or unable to make sense of things?
  • stuck in past experiences that distress or confuse you?

Meaning comes when you can make sense of your experiences and feelings.  When you understand your own story and how it organises your life, you can choose where you will go.

You can develop greater insight, and you can alleviate those heavy feelings and find joy in your path.

I have many skills and tools to assist you in this process. Contact me to arrange our first discussion!


Are you . . .

  • unsure of your purpose in life?
  • feeling a drive inside to do something different?

Everyone has a purpose in life!  It lies deep within, and requires a journey within to discover.

Take the journey with a guide and companion – to make it surer and easier!

I have worked for years to assist people find their true purpose, and I can help you not only find your purpose, but spell it out into a workable life plan.   Contact me to discuss how we can go forward on this path.


Are you . . .

  • needing to clear the residue of your past actions, past lives or family’s emotional inheritance?
  • wanting to live your passion through your heart-centred consciousness?

This life gives you the unique opportunity to clear your slate!  You have the means too!  Do you wish to do that? Or would you rather take the lesser path of accepting all that is, with your lack of self-awareness resulting in greater frustration?

Make the leap of a life time! Of many lifetimes, in fact. Contact me to discuss you finding your purpose, your path!

Contact me for our first discussion on how to meet your needs!

I work with you and for you, using my skills in mentoring, coaching, counseling, psychotherapy and healing.

We do everything according to your preference and need – to overcome barriers, move forward and fulfill your passion in life.