My Service

I provide professional services and personal support to people who are not fitting into their life – who perhaps feel like black sheep in some way – or whose life is not fitting with their wishes.

Using my skills developed in social work, counseling, healing, coaching and psychotherapy, I help you explore your concerns – to identify your options for change – and to help you uncover any blocks you are feeling, and to clear them.

I offer an integrated approach that addresses the needs of your whole being. As each person has different concerns and needs, I provide help in whatever way is appropriate for you. This is a gentle, compassionate process of sharing and exploration.

I work with your organic impulse to heal, to express your highest self, and to fulfill your purpose. Your impulse to heal guides our work together, as it tells us both what to work with, what needs untangling, release or integration in your life.

We work together with your strengths for you to re-embody your core sense of self. I make a joint effort with you, in which we share leadership, but where you set the pace. I am well-resourced, with many skills that can help you.

At some time, most of us need to talk with someone outside family and friends, someone who has the experience and skills that can help sort through what is happening and how to change things.

This safe, independent, but caring, sensitive and involved person is who I am.

First Discussion

For you to check out if I am right for you, in our first discussion [phone/online] or meeting, we can get to know each other and both evaluate how we can work together (or not, for some people).

You set the vision for where you want to go, what you need, and the goals of our sessions together. I offer how I can help and support you. You ask me whatever you need to know to make your decision.

Over our following sessions together I use any or all of the following methods to assist you explore yourself, develop your choices, and clear your path forwards.

We can review at any time how our work together is going, and whether your needs are being met.

Contact me to arrange this first discussion.


As an experienced counsellor, I bring my skills in many aspects of life to address your issues with you. We can explore the basis of your issues, your feelings, and your options.

We might question and discuss your feelings, beliefs or behaviours as part of opening out to change and greater meaning in your life. This is a thoughtful process, where you benefit from review, contemplation and discussion.


Coaching is the basis of all my one-to-one work. Coaching puts you first:  understanding your goals and supporting you, encouraging you and working out with you how to reach them.

We will work out together where you wish to head, and how you can get there: a program for you to grow towards your goals, supported by tools and processes which I recommend.

The key to coaching is that you can choose where to go and decide what to do to get there, based on our shared exploration. It is all about you, your thoughts and feelings – not about me at all.  I am your experienced and skilled resource.


I help you to explore your deeper feelings, core beliefs and experiences, which might be frustrating your forward movement in life.  They may not be serving you, and in need of exploration and change.

Using Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy, I am able to increase your awareness of your core assumptions and response to life. This gives you greater emotional space to deal with the world, and wider options for how you can fulfill your passion in life.


My healing involves using different energies for different conditions, which might be physical, emotional or energetic. Energy is transmitted through the chakra appropriate for the condition, and clears stuck energies which are the cause of dis-ease or unresolved feelings.

Healing is most effective when it flows with the person’s consciousness in touch with the issue to be healed. So often we explore the issue first, to bring it to the fore of your awareness.

Healing is uplifting to the mind, body and feelings, opening your perspective and receptivity to your intuition and higher guidance.